Dry Protective Layer (DPL)

Model: MSD406 / SKU: 062533561847
The Dry Protective Layer (DPL) is a waterproof and breathable constant wear mid-layer that provides environmental protection while on operational missions in extreme weather or when there is risk of experiencing wind, rain, snow or immersion. Weighing only 24 ounces, the DPL provides a wider scope of mission application and increased protection, improved mobility, and less bulk than other current solutions providing the same level of protection of modern technical apparel. The suit is made of waterproof and breathable military grade BD6.5 GORE-TEX® fabric. Integrated stretch panels across back, and on elbows and knees provide added mobility and comfort. Closed comfort System (CCS) Adjustable Neck Seal (neoprene or latex seal optional) allows the user to easily vent the suit reducing the thermal burden but quickly close the neck seal with one hand to make it watertight.

Color: Black

Size: ML

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