USCG SAR Vest with LIFT (Auto Hydrostatic)

Model: MD0450 22 / SKU: 062533233102
Designed for the US Coast Guard, this inflatable SAR vest delivers the highest degree of safety, reliability and convenience available today. Combining Mustang Survival's revolutionary LIFT inflatable technology and enhanced SAR equipment vest design, the boat operator is provided with combined flotation and equipment carrying capability in one comfortable product. The USCG SAR Vest with LIFT is an excellent choice for use in all sea states and weather conditions and can be worn over the standard uniform or any of Mustang Survival's exposure protective clothing. The vest's low profile design allows for easy maneuvering on the deck and provides quick access to carried equipment. Vest pockets are designed specifically for the equipment required by the Coast Guard's Rescue and Survival Systems Manual.;Use only Mustang Survival re-arm kits. Use of other re-arm kits may result in improper operation or failure to operate and will void the product's warranty.

Color: Orange

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