Mil Spec 6.5™ with Gore-tex®

Mil Spec 6.5™ with Gore-tex®

 Durable. Waterproof. Breathable.

Military Grade Now On Deck

Mil Spec 6.5 with GORE-TEX fabric is the most rugged waterproof, breathable shell available and, up until 2017, has only been used in our coast guard and military products. Now, after years of testing, we’re exclusively bringing it to ocean racers in our range of EP 6.5 outerwear. 

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 Tough Performance Outerwear

Mustang Survival has been building leading dry solutions for military, coast guard, and water rescue professionals for decades. This expertise, along with the use of military-grade fabrics, and a focus on maximizing waterproofness, breathability, and durability, has allowed us to build the world’s driest, toughest performance outerwear for the best ocean racers and voyageurs.

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